About Delta Separations

Delta Separations helps craft extract producers with its next-generation botanical separation technology. We are a science-based hardware pioneer addressing the largest industry bottleneck: the insatiable market demand for concentrate and distillate. Delta Separations helps companies who make concentrates become more profitable.

Meet the Team

Delta Separations has a tech-centric, fast-paced and adaptive company culture. Our engineers are driven by the challenges of this emerging industry and our entire team is excited about delivering great products and solutions.

Ben Stephens

Founder / CTO

Pat Harper

President / COO

Sales Team

Matthew Barrett

Product Specialist

Michael Gast

Sales Manager

Nathan Radabaugh

Product Specialist

Nick Barrett

Product Specialist

Management Team

Allen Stephens

QA / QC Manager

Andrew Ward

Production Manager

Christine Hergenrother


Daniel Erdman

Engineering Manager

Greg Hernandez

Marketing Manager

Paul Hancock

Customer Service Manager