Alcohol Chilling Platform

Space. Energy. Process.

The Alcohol Chilling Platform eliminates the use of cumbersome ultra-low freezers. A vital step in cold extraction. Quickly chill alcohol pre-extraction within a compact footprint, saving valuable lab space.

SQ ft.

Space saving


Chill in 30 minutes
Reduced HVAC costs


The ACP uses less space at scale.


The system uses less energy than cryogenic freezers to chill alcohol down to -40 degrees in 30 minutes.

Technical Specs


Made In US
UL Listed
Production Capacity

• Chill 30 gallons of alcohol from 20°c to -40°c in 30 minutes
• Chill 160 gallons of alcohol from 20°c to -20°c in 60 minutes
• Maximum Pressure: 350 PSI

Standard Features

• C1D1/C1D2 Compliant
• High performace food grade pump
• Outdoor rated UL listed compressor and heat exchangers


Chilling alcohol decreases filtration time post extraction.