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CUP Series

Centrifuge Utility Platform Alcohol Extraction System

The CUP SERIES ALCOHOL EXTRACTION SYSTEMS provide the ability to extract and target botanical compounds from diverse plant species. This extraction technology can isolate specific botanical compounds through programmable sequences, effectively targeting the desired separation. The system combines closed-loop, cold alcohol extraction with mechanical centrifugation which ensures high-purity extractions. Alcohol extraction just got a lot easier.

The Centrifuge Utility Platform provides accurate control over important extraction variables:

  • Alcohol Residence Time
  • Basket RPM
  • Spray Wash Stripping
  • Cycle Agitation Strength
  • Plant Material Drying
  • Temperatures
  • Data Logging
  • Automatic Cycle Programing
  • Manual Cycle Programing
  • Min/Max Parameters
  • Ethernet Connection
  • System Troubleshooting
  • Cycle Tracking
  • Administrative Functions


Standard Features

  • Closed-Loop System (As Defined By the State of California)
  • UL listed Electronics C1D2 for Hazardous Locations
  • 3rd Party Engineer Review
  • 304 and 316L Sanitary Stainless Steel Construction
  • Low temperature rating: -40c
  • Tempered and Reinforced Sight Glass
  • Vacuum Jacket Insulation
  • Bi-Directional Agitation
  • Auto/Manual Controls
  • Digital HMI Interface
  • Variable Speed Control
  • Easy Material Loading/Unloading
  • Heavy-Duty Spin Drying
  • 97% Removal of Alcohol From Botanical material
  • Parts & Labor Warranty
  • Technical Support
  • Made in USA

CUP15 Production Capacity

  • 8-14 lbs of Plant Material Per Batch (depending on mill size)
  • Avg. Run Time: 10 - 20 Min (depending on SOP)
  • Approx: 300 lbs Processing Per 8 hr Shift
  • Alcohol Requirement: 12-13 Gallons per run


  • (1) Alcohol Feed Port With 1.5” Tri-clamp Fittings
  • (1) 1.5” Tri-clamp; Remote Discharge Vent and Pressure Relief Port
  • All Wetted Parts are 304 and 316L Stainless Steel Construction 2” Tri-Clamp Angled Drain
  • Vapor Tight (No Pressure) Vessel with EPDM Lid Seal
  • Vacuum Jacket Insulation
  • Low Temperature Compatibility -40C


All system electronics are UL listed and certified for use in Hazardous Location Class 1 Division 2

  • CUP 15- 230v- 30 amp- Single Phase
  • UL Certified Class 1 Div 2 Motor
  • UL-NEMA L6- R30 Plug
  • UL- L6 - 30 (30A-250V)


  • Footprint of CUP-15 Machine: 25" x 37"
  • Footprint of CUP-15 Driver Panel: 25" x 32"
  • Approximate Footprint of Entire System in Use (CUP-15, Driver Panel, Filtration & Kegs): 4' x 15'
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Process Overview

  • Operator fills filter bag with milled plant material and places it in the system.
  • The system is then flooded, and bi-directionally agitated for full target compound removal.
  • After the wash, the plant material undergoes a medium duty spin dry, leaving the the spent plant material 97% free of tincture with up to 98% target compound removal.
  • The alcohol wash is then used for another 1 to 2 runs of material or diverted to a mixing tank for further processing.

CUP 15 Extraction Cycle

  1. System loading: A preloaded filter bag is placed into the basket and system is sealed.
  2. Program Menu: The “Spray Wash” or “Agitation Wash” program is selected on the HMI where the RPM and cycle times are set to the operator’s specifications.
  3. Fill: Alcohol is pneumatically moved from source tank into the CUP system.
  4. The Wash cycle: The plant material undergoes an agitated wash with a set number of bi-directional agitations aimed at extracting 98% of plant desirables.
  5. System Draining: When the wash cycle is complete, the outlet valve is opened and the system drained. The alcohol wash is pumped to a properly rated storage reservoir for further processing.
  6. Spin Dry Cycle: The “Spin Dry” menu is selected on the HMI and the drying cycle is started. The wet plant solids are spun dry of the remaining alcohol mixture within.
  7. System Unloading: Upon completion of the “Dry cycle The system is unloaded by retrieving the filter bag from the basket.
  8. Repeat Process.

CUP 15 Advantages

  • Safe operating conditions
  • Closed loop system design
  • UL Certified Electronics for use in Class 1 Div 2 Hazardous Environment
  • 97% Alcohol removal from spent plant material
  • Full user control over process variables
  • Significantly reduce processing time
  • Designed for single operator batch processing 10-16 min per run (Depending on cycle times)
  • Auto/Manual controls
  • Digital interface
  • Full spectrum yields
  • 98% Cannabinoid removal from plant material maximizes workload efficiency
  • User controlled residence time
  • Easy loading/unloading
  • Minimizes material waste stream containment

Made in California


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