Delta Separations



How much of the target chemical compounds removal are you seeing in your process?

97%. That's about 300 lbs in an 8-hour shift. And most customers running the machines will target a biomass input that is 6 - 20% target chemical compounds by weight.

What will Delta want to know about my company during the discovery process?

We suggest scheduling a discovery call to determine if Delta Separations systems are a good fit for your business.

Some of the key information needed:

  • How much trim or flower are you running a day?
  • How much total biomass?
  • What temperatures do you want to process?
  • Are you processing with cold alcohol?
  • Are you in a compliant facility?
  • Do you need certified equipment?
  • What kind of filtration have you considered?
  • Do you need storage vessels?
  • How are you funding your facility?
  • What is the facility's permitting status?
  • Who is designing your lab and are they experienced in doing so?
  • What's your product strategy?
  • Are you making live resins/sauces, bulk crude, winterized polished bulk crude, distillate, or shatter?
  • What combination of these products?

What types of customers use the CUP-15 extraction system?

We’re focused on customers who want the highest possible throughput out of their equipment.
The small and medium-scale players are our reason for being—and that’s where the market is right now. We believe it’s always going to be a large market segment, and that the artisan manufacturers are the lifeblood of the industry.

In addition to the CUP-15, are you coming out with new tech in 2019?

Yes, we are developing new tech to meet industry needs. If it interests our customers, it interests us.

Why is the market switching to alcohol so quickly?

Three things. It’s cost-effective, has the fastest turnaround time out of all the methods, and it’s compliant. It’s a UL-certified, C1D2, closed loop, non-volatile process for licensed operations.

Do you have a community sharing alcohol extraction SOP’s (Standard Operating Procedures)?

We recently developed our new online community forum to help educate the community on alcohol processing and the Delta Separations workflow! Feel free to sign up and join the conversation!

>> Click here to visit the community forum! <<<

When can I get a Delta machine? Can I get one immediately?

The entire alcohol extraction equipment industry is facing unattractive wait times because the demand curve shot up very suddenly. The value to customers to move into distillate-based products, and the value specifically for alcohol-based extraction to make those products, has become plain to product manufacturers. Delta is moving as quickly as possible to ramp up production—and will continue to communicate with customers on this vital topic.

Do you have patents filed?

Yes, Delta Separations protects its inventions with IP filings and trade secrets.


Why are you based in Santa Rosa, California?

Santa Rosa is fast becoming the hub of botanical tech. Along with having the greatest ecosystem of talent for this new industry - It also has a large base of stainless steel manufacturers within the wine and beer industries. This geographical area has laid the foundation for distillation techniques and regulatory compliance in the U.S.A.

Is Delta Separations a Certified B Corp?

Not yet. We're being deliberate about shaping a culture that gives employees opportunities to grow in all ways. We're a fan of the B Corp because we believe in the power of business to solve social and environmental problems. We like the idea – and our customers like the idea – of meeting rigorous standards of social and environmental performance, accountability and transparency. Some of our favorite Sonoma County businesses, like Guayaki Sustainable Rainforest Products and Traditional Medicinals, are B Corps.