Pioneering next-generation botanical
separation technology

CUP Series Extraction


Up to 600 lb (272 kg) processing per 8 hr shift


Up to 30 lb (13.5 kg) of plant material per batch

Cannabis Ethanol Extraction

The CUP SERIES ALCOHOL EXTRACTION SYSTEM provides the ability to extract and target botanical compounds from diverse plant species. This unique extraction technology can isolate specific botanical compounds through programmable sequences, effectively targeting the desired separation.

Falling Film Evaporators

85-95% Separation Efficiency Rate

45-60 gal (170-227 L) Per Hour Feed Rate

Falling Film Evaporator
The FFE Series of falling film evaporators improves efficiency of alcohol recovery.

Rolled Film Distillation

System Feed Rate Icon_HP

4-5 L  per hour system feed rate

Surtface area Icon HP

Evaporative surface area of 0.27 m²

The RFD-27 is engineered to refine targeted compounds from crude botanical extracts and deliver clear distillate at fast speeds.

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Customer Testimonials

“We just recently upgraded to the CUP-30, and we’re now at about 700lbs a day. While that’s attractive, what’s more important is that we get customer service like no other. Delta had people out within 24 hours from halfway across the country to make sure we stayed operational. Delta’s been a great partner for us.”
David Bonvillain,
Founder & Principal,
Loveland Molecular Labs
“Ethanol extraction makes the most sense economically. It’s easy to get permitted, it’s inexpensive and it has high throughput.”
Ryan Ko,
Co-Founder & VP of Operations,
Next Leaf Solutions
“You can’t process ethanol efficiently without a centrifuge—and Delta Separations is the leader in compliant centrifuge tech for ethanol. The other ethanol-based extraction machines are a flood/drain situation and you can’t control residence times—and the numbers don’t make sense without a centrifuge.”
Gene West,
Founder & CEO,
Sexy Extracts