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Ethanol extraction makes the most sense economically. It’s easy to get permitted, it’s inexpensive and it has high throughput.

— Ryan Ko, Co-Founder & VP of Operations, Next Leaf Solutions

You can’t process ethanol efficiently without a centrifuge—and Delta Separations is the leader in compliant centrifuge tech for ethanol. The other ethanol-based extraction machines are a flood/drain situation and you can't control residence times—and the numbers don't make sense without a centrifuge.

— Gene West,
Founder & CEO, Sexy Extracts

Delta Separations is the first equipment designer and fabricator with a certified system. With the new CA regs in November 2017, the game completely changed (ethanol is now considered a non-volatile process and eligible for a Type 6 license).

—Matthew Ingram,
Founder & CEO, Proof Extracts

CUP 15 Series in Action

The CUP 15 SERIES ALCOHOL EXTRACTION SYSTEM provides the ability to extract and target botanical compounds from diverse plant species. This unique extraction technology can isolate specific botanical compounds through programmable sequences, effectively targeting the desired separation.

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ethanol extraction with Delta Separations ethanol extractor
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Botanical extraction systems are a key piece of infrastructure for manufacturers.

Delta Separation's alcohol based extraction equipment offers craft producers a safe, compliant, high throughput solution for producing bulk concentrates.

Our customers care about safety and regulatory compliance, production yield, production costs, and extract quality.

The Centrifuge Utility Platform (CUP) provides a safe, high yield, and compliant extraction.

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Designed and Manufactured in Northern California

Ethanol extraction systems by Delta Separations. The highest quality ethanol extractor available. High-throughput design and low effort maintenance. Ethanol extraction is the future of Cannabis full-spectrum extracts for distillate and edibles. Ethanol extraction is the compliant, safe wat to get to the forefront of the cannabis industry. Ethanol extraction is our speciality.